Dear Prospective Good Shepherd Downers Grove Parent(s),

Our children attended Good Shepherd for their preschool through 8th grade school years.  Our eldest graduated in 2013 and our youngest in 2014.  I had no idea when I drove by in 2003, looking for a preschool, that we would end up having them attend until high school.  We were looking for a Christian school for them to attend for preschool.  Once our daughter was enrolled, we loved the faculty, fellow parents and pastors so much, we decided to keep them there for kindergarten, and then planned to reassess each year for the the next grade level.  We kept them there through 8th grade for the following reasons:  smaller class sizes, daily lessons using God's word, sound biblical teaching and strong christian beliefs, parent involvement, full day kindergarten, and raising our daughters with other "like minded" parents.  Our daughters were challenged in areas they might not have been exposed to in a public grade school.  For example, starting in 5th grade, our girls were challenged by being involved in "forensics."  This took them out of their comfort zone by having them prepare and then publicly present skits, speeches, and or poetry.  This prepared them so well and instilled self confidence in them at a much younger age than is the norm.  There were other activities they were a part of that involved the older and younger students working together.  The older children became mentors to the younger students.  Our girls still talk about some of these activities and enjoy going back to see the younger children they used to work with.

I would have to say my only concern as we neared high school was that our daughters would be going from a very small, private school to a LARGE high school.  Our first daughter was one of 11 graduates and no one from her Good Shepherd 8th grade class would be attending the same high school.  Our younger daughter was one of 5 graduates, and just one student attended the same high school as her.  Both of our daughters transitioned to Downers Grove South extremely well.  They made friends easily and enjoyed talking about where they had 
attended grade school.  At Good Shepherd, the pastors and teachers were reiterating what we were teaching our girls at home about morals, values and treating others well.  We believe this has been crucial now that they are at an age where they have to make their own decisions 
about their faith and moral issues.  We are so grateful they have a stronger foundation because of the teachings they had at Good Shepherd. 

We hope you consider Good Shepherd for your child's education.  We were blessed with wonderful teachers, pastors, and school families that we will be friends with for life.  You will not be disappointed.  

Scott and Kris M.


Our children experienced and received a strong solid academic education at Good Shepherd,beginning as early as Kindergarten and Preschool.  They where able to participate in all areas of academia, athletics, art, music and performance presentation, giving them a well rounded grade school experience which we believe would have been difficult to duplicate elsewhere.   Most importantly, all aspects of their education and development were cultured in a setting of Christian faith, receiving strong moral training and guidance from teachers and coaches.  This culture extended to our own interactions and communications with the staff through the 12 years our children attend the school.  The openness and inviting atmosphere provide numerous opportunities to easily get involved and created for us a community of support and long lasting friendships.  Both Jake and Sarah went on to local public high school.  We were thrilled to know they had a strong moral compass based in their Christian faith that guided them in their choices as they made this transition. They went on to achieve good grades, participate in varsity sports, make good friends and earn the respect of high school teachers and coaches.  We are thankful for the foundational academic and faith education our children received at Good Shepherd and would recommend it as a long term investment in any child’s future.  

Todd and Cindy O.
Lisle, IL

Jacob O. (graduated GS 2010)  K-8
Sarah O. (graduated GS 2013) PreK - 8


My parents sending me to Good Shepherd for my Kindergarten-8th grade education was by far one of the best decisions they have ever made for me. Good Shepherd, since day one, has prepared me not only academically, but also spiritually for high school and all the years to follow. I had wonderful pastors and teachers to constantly guide me in my academic and spiritual studies to ensure I was well prepared 
for the next stages of my life. 

I can confidently say looking back at my high school years I was most definitely prepared for them and still am. Transitioning from Good Shepherd to high school was fairly easy for me. While it brought forth new challenges for me, I’m excelling greatly in school. I’m now a strong honors/AP student and to this day use learning strategies taught to me by my teachers to help me in my studies. I was also faced by challenges that contradicted my beliefs, but my more than excellent spiritual education and guidance has always helped me stand firm in what I believe in and stay connected to God and His Word. For example, many of my fellow peers knew I had gone to a private school before attending high school and knew of my religious background because I have always worn my faith on my sleeve. I never hesitated talking about what I believe in, sticking to my beliefs and values, and also answering any questions thrown my way. Sharing my faith with others is definitely something I’m never ashamed of and has never been a deterrent.

Along with being prepared both academically and spiritually, Good Shepherd allowed me to make great friendships and amazing memories with people that will always have a huge impact on my life. Even though seven out of ten of my fellow graduates went to different high schools, I know I can always count on them for anything and everything and still keep in touch with them. Those are friendships I will never forget and will always cherish. Nothing compares to having such strong friendships with those who share the same faith as you.

I am extremely thankful for my past experience at Good Shepherd and wouldn’t change it for the world. Being prepared academically and spiritually, along with having made long-lasting friendships has been absolutely helpful in every way. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the help of Good Shepherd, and for that I’m very grateful.

Rachel D. - K-8
(Class of 2013)