FrOGS (Friends OGood Shepherd)
Parent/Teacher Group


If you have any questions throughout the school year, please feel free to send an email to  It is monitored frequently - we are there to help you and our children have a super school year!!

The Friends of Good Shepherd (FrOGS) organization was established to serve the congregation in its Christian educational efforts by providing the members with the opportunity to learn more about Christian education, by promoting effective Christian education in the church, home, and school; and by making the parents, teachers, and pastors aware of their respective duties in the area of Christian education.
FrOGS meets for an informational meeting in September and a few more times during the school year. FrOGS assists with various functions held by Good Shepherd Lutheran School. There are no fees required to join FrOGS—all parents, teachers, and congregation members are invited to participate and are encouraged to attend meetings for their input and ideas.

Our school is dependent on volunteers - we need you!  Even volunteering once or twice throughout the school year makes a BIG difference!  It is our goal to proactively communicate volunteer needs to give you opportunity to assess all your commitments and determine if/when works best for you to lend a helping hand.

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Meeting Minutes
2017 09-16

  • PeeWee Soccer Tournament: 9/27 @ 2:30p  (3rd Grade and PreK Hosted Event)  Super cute to watch little ones playing soccer and AWESOME experience to witness the camaraderie amongst older and younger kids.  Building a COMMUNITY!
  • FALL FESTIVAL10/13, 5:30p-8p GREAT fun, and another chance to wear Halloween costumes!!
Fun Facts…aspects you may not realize you receive along with the benefit of a small, private, Christian school:
*Sports: Basketball, softball and soccer - as early as 3rd grade your child may begin participating in team sports.
*Music: Children’s choir and opportunity for 1:1 music lessons (piano, band instruments) - music helps a child improve academic and social skills, as well as refine discipline and patience. 
*Support: You and your child are part of a support network that is here to not only ensure your child receives a great Christian education, but we also care how YOU are doing. In this fast-paced world, we can often feel left  behind. Your child, your family, matters here.